Rewriting History

IMG_5075When we’re trying to get over someone, the most common advice given is, “Avoid things that remind you of them.” This is conflicting to me personally, as I hold Augustus Waters’ philosophy of “I’m not in the business of denying myself simple pleasures,” close in my the way I live my life.

And this is because usually, if I dig you, I’m gonna want to do things I like with you. Naturally.

Thus, following this advice I found myself not doing things I liked for the sake of not being reminded of the times various Princes turned out to be Mr. Wickhams. The most recent things on my list of STUFF TO AVOID 4EVER was “That Ramen Place we went to on Valentine’s Day.”

Well, my beautiful friend Renee and I were frolicking in LA and we got hungry. We were near said Ramen Place and since it was the only place close to us that I knew, I suggested it with apprehension.

“We’ll rewrite history, little bae.” Renee said, as she took my hand and we floated to the restaurant.

My apprehension dissolved when she said that because, like in most situations, she was right. It dawned on me that I could change the way I felt about some place, book, song, or what have you by changing the association of the thing with something or someone positive.

And thus I went from “That Ramen Place I went to with Trashcan” to “That Ramen Place I went to with the homegirl Renee, after we went to the The Last Bookstore and The Broad for the first time!” It’s almost like an act of defiance.

We’ll call Trashcan, Wickham for the sake of class. The last time I saw Wickham, we had a nice date at Redondo Beach. And so, in order to change the way I felt about Redondo, I took Renee to the pier because she had never been. I had never been to Mitzsuwa Marketplace which is also in same area, so we ate exquisite ramen there and then headed to the pier in the hope of seeing seals.

It was much darker than when I had gone originally, but Renee and I had plum wine by the pier where we sat and discussed the books we had been reading lately, and had an excellent night filled with giggles, hand holding and bonding. It was great, and very healing! The thought of Redondo Beach and ramen no longer give me the impulse to vomit. Instead, I have made quality memories with one of my best friends. I recommend everyone who might be a little blue due to a Wickham in their life to give this a try, when you’re ready to do some rewrites. All at a good and steady pace, of course.  


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Jacky Linares lives in Long Beach and likes long walks in the school supply section of Target.

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